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I'm a Texan, born and raised. I love my God and my family (friends included as family!) My first novel was realeased December 23, 2014 and I've since finished writing my second manuscript and have begun my third. Being a successful writer has been a dream of mine for years, since I was little. I can't wait to see where God takes my first book and my future ones. I pray that it touches many hearts. For those of you who love suspense novels, good vs. evil, you may be interested!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Wanting To Be Like Mom


                                                      Written by Brooke-Lauren Montgomery
            From the age of three, I wanted to be like my mom. I thought everything she did was the greatest thing on the planet. She always made sure to dress me in the latest, hip style, which, back then, happened to be the 90’s. She packed me yummy lunches for daycare and let me play with her makeup. A picture of my three year old self recollects red lipstick smeared about my mouth similar to the joker's smile. All the things Mom did was awesome, but the most awesome thing she did circled around her job—teaching.
            I remember mornings where Mom would get up before a hint of sun showed in the sky. She worked at Fritch Elementary, so she had a good forty-five minute drive at the least. Sometimes I sat in the bathroom propped up on a pillow against the wall, watching her get ready as I gobbled down Cheez-its. Since she had to leave the house so early, my dad took me to daycare each morning on his way to work. Mom left notes on what bow to put in my hair and what I needed to take for the day. We recently took down a piece of paper with, "Bow?" written in sharpie that had been taped to the garage door so Dad would see it before putting me in the car. It hung there for a good seventeen years or so. At daycare I observed how the teachers instructed the kids. My little self found it interesting. The best days revolved around Mom taking me to school with her. Most of the times were when students were not in the classroom. During the summer, Mom stapled decorations to the walls. When I asked why she did such a thing, she told me the decorations were for the beginning of the school year in August. However, the best thing in that classroom sat under a dry erase board—a pink, plush beanbag chair. I plopped myself into it and relaxed as Mom took care of the classroom. Sometimes she let me sit in her roller chair and she would push me down the hall really fast.   
            I do remember seeing her teach, instructing the students to do this and that. Seeing my mom do this job looked so cool. I wanted to do what she did. In my subconscious, I believe I also thought her job was neat because her occupation gave her a certain power. Being in charge over students had a certain power to it that appealed to me. Not power as in a mean, strict, and harsh sense, but the kind where you get the privilege to set rules and nicely instruct students to do this and that. Not only did she look amazing talking in front of the class, but the papers she wrote on that students turned in, peaked my interest. Often times, I saw Mom using a red pen to place random marks on papers as she sat in her recliner at home. Some were x's and some were smiley faces. I distinctly remember the lap desk she used; she got onto my dad for pulling me around the kitchen floor by a part of the material that had broken loose. In fact, I still have that lap desk somewhere.
As I grew a little older, around the age of eight, I gained knowledge of what a teacher really did. It wasn't random marks on papers or only decorating the classroom for the new school year, but it also consisted of role call and disciplinary actions if necessary. I had my own desk and papers that needed to be graded. My desk consisted of a fold up dinner tray, my cozy seat-- an ottoman, and my students' papers--pages ripped from a notebook. My classroom was, of course, none other than my bedroom. I made up the students' names with boxes next to them to check off when I called role. I took my job very seriously. I even wore high heels...princess high heels, thank you very much.
            I obviously wanted to be a teacher, a dang good one, too. However, as I grew older, I realized I did not want to pursue it. Due to my being an introvert, I found teaching to be incompatible with my painfully quiet nature. Also, something about telling other peoples' children what to do did not settle with me. Telling invisible children what to do never fazed me, but when it came to the real thing, I cringed at the thought. Red tape became another thing I did not want to mess with--upset parents, over the top parents, ridiculously strict parents that had their poor kid(s) on impossible expectations. Though I am extremely shy, I have very little patience, and my impatience with overly demanding, unreasonable parents could very well land me a job on the unemployment line.
I became aware teaching was not for me when I was about twelve years old. Although teaching is out of the question for now, I went down the path of creative writing. My burning passion for writing gave me “whip lash” when I turned eighteen. I began writing poem after poem, lyric after lyric and, one day, as I sat in the parking lot of Amarillo College, God gave me the plot for my first novel. When I compare teaching to writing, they have an important similarity. In a way, I find writing equally appealing as the thought of teaching I had as a child. I am in control in both occupations. I choose what I want to write about; the sky is the limit. In my mind, I can create characters based off real life people I know. So, I have the power to build someone up in my novels, or, throw someone under the bus, in justification, of course. I choose not to do the latter, no matter how crappy someone treated me for no reason, but this idea gives me a sensational feeling. [Yes, I know, awful, but I am human, too.]
Another reason I ditched teaching as an occupational idea is because God gave me the talent to write, and I refuse to let it go to waste. I have made up stories since I could pick up a pen. Even before I could read, I would pick up a picture book and make up my own stories that went along with the pictures. I had the capability to form a story so quickly, it appeared I actually knew how to read at the age of three.  I do realize that writing comes with its own red tape. Not everyone will enjoy what I write; in fact, they may even hate it, but that is okay. Should one of my novels become famous, and I get thrown into the lime light, I must be prepared for constant criticism of my beliefs and never ending scrutiny at the faintest mistake I make. I am perfectly aware that walking Famous Avenue demands for impossible perfection. However, should this happen, I know God will equip me to handle it correctly. For every novel I write, I will always give thanks to God in my acknowledgements. He is the very reason why I can write. Writing is my passion. When you have a passion, you go for it. And that is what I have done. 
            Even though my desire to teach waned, I remain certain about one thing...my mom is still the greatest thing on the planet. She continues to remind me of aspects I want for my children. I want my children to think I'm cool. I want my children to see me take my job seriously. I want my children to remember I cared how they looked leaving the house, down to the color of bow for their hair. I want to make my children remember me as someone special and someone that loves them. Is my mom perfect? No, but I wouldn't trade her for anyone.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

God's NOT Dead!

Back in March a good friend basically begged me to go see the movie God's Not Dead. I'd wanted to go see it anyway, but when she told me I needed to go see it within the next 48 hours I knew it must be REALLY good. So she and I went to see it and after I saw the film once, I went to see it again with somemore friends. I wanted to see it a third time but I never had the chance due to the hectic schedule of school with papers and finals involved.

God's Not Dead really opened my eyes and gave me a fresh craving for God. Screen writers Hunter Davis, Chuck Konzelman, and Cary Solomon wrote a brilliant script and story about a college boy standing up for God and his Christian faith. This day and age, Christianity carries a stigma where many see Christians as hypocrites always looking for someone to shove their beliefs down someone else's throat. It's sad that it has come to that due to some Christians (who are also imperfect people), who have handled certain situations wrong with others, albeit with other Christians or unbelievers. God's Not Dead has such a powerful message that is completely non-condemning and teaches how God, in fact, loves everyone, believers, non-believers, and the back-slidden.

The college young man has three days to prove God's not dead by presenting his case in front of the class for a certain amount of time per day. Science is brought into the picture in helping him prove God's existence though the professor uses it for his atheist beliefs.

The movie has three different stories going on with different people and different circumstances. Every single one of them have a battle to fight either within themselves or within their family. The film is "rounded", in other words, even though there are tense scenes and sad scenes, there are funny scenes to relieve the audience of momentary sadness or angst.

This movie will be on my shelf at home as soon as it comes out on DVD. It's taught me that I can be bold for my faith without falling into the stigma attached with Christianity.

I HIGHLY recommend anyone and everyone to see it. A new hope felt born inside when the ending credits rolled. It may be out of theatres now, but when it comes out to rent, GO SEE IT! Grab a friend, two friends, or many friends and watch this incredible film. It's definitely a five out of five stars in my book.
It's one of those movies that will never get old.

God's Not Dead was originally limited around two weeks in theatres but this film released to theatres March 21, 2014 and stayed until around the first week of May. It was number five in the box office and has a worldwide gross totaling $60, 159, 206.

Please help me promote this movie! I've provided a link below of God's Not Dead trailer.


Interesting Book!

Over the past few days, I've been able to read a book that a friend gave to me. He dropped by work to take care of some business and when I told him I wrote a book on spiritual warfare with a fictional plot, we started talking about how real spiritual warfare was, that even though we can't see it, it's constantly happening all around us. He proceeded to tell me about When Pigs Move In by Don Dickerman, based on his personal experiences with spiritual warfare. The book takes into account different circumstances he's seen while allowing God to heal people through him who are oppressed and, in some cases, possessed.

It gave me a new view of oppression that I'm still unsure I believe. I'll have to line it up with Scripture to make sure it's accurate. Scripture never contradicts Scripture. Some the stories in this book may frighten you, depending on the level of scary-ness you can take. I find that true stories scare me more than ones that can't really happen. At any rate, this book teaches how dangerous it is to play with things that could open doorways for demons. A lot of the things in the book came as a surprise to me. Although there were a couple of things that I felt may be over-the-top in portals for demons, I enjoyed reading this book.

I recommend it to anyone who doubts demons are real. I will caution that if you should read When Pigs Move In, to not automatically believe every statement made without checking The Written Word of God first. I'm a very leary person when it comes to my beliefs and I've been blessed with good discernment. Again, some things said in this book I'm not sure I entirely believe, but that's up to you as the reader to decide for yourself and going by what you feel God says to you about it.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Videos of ZuZu!!!

 For those who haven't seen my past two posts, I've taken up a new pet. Her name is ZuZu and she's a prairie dog. She's warmed up to me pretty well, but still a little skittish of other family household members.

I will attach two video links below. I hope you enjoy watching them!


Friday, May 16, 2014


This process of publishing has been a long one, but I'm nearing completion. I've received my third set of edits and once I turn those in, they will review it, send it back one more time and if it's good (close enough to perfect ;)) then I will send it back along with a signed sheet of permission to send the manuscript to the printers for distribution!

If I had to guess, my book will be in stores late June or so. I will try my best to keep you updated. Now that school is out, I have much more time to blog!

I can't remember if I told you about the second book I'm writing...but I'm halfway through with it. If you like suspense/horror, then you'll love it. :) I can't really give too much info because it's still early in the making.

I can't wait to see where God takes The Protected. I pray it blesses many lives and that God speaks through my writing to reach others all over the world. Will you guys help me get the word out?

Thank you!! I hope you guys have a blessed day!

~Brooke-Lauren Montgomery

New Furry Friend

Hello everyone! I can't remember the last time I posted. This semester in school has been intense. Currently, the spring semester just finished and May Intercession has begun. I'm taking an American Regionalism class where I'm learning about the West and I LOVE it!

I've learned that yellow is just as pretty as green. God created them both and they are unique.
If you noticed the title of the post, you're probably wondering what my new pet is...ironically, this adorable little creature is found in the West and is a relative to the squirrels. I've been waiting since September 2013 to get this sweet and intelligent animal and, finally, I get to pick her up today! In the time of waiting I did much research and am thoroughly impressed with them overall and have, once again, realized that we do not give animals enough credit in smarts.

At 3:30 today, I will get to bring home my sweet little ZuZu, a prairie dog pup. I know this will be an incredible experience because out of all rodents, this one seems to have the most personality, taking on characteristics of an actual dog.

For the past couple of days I've prepared her habitat and designed a heavy duty box to set her cage on so she can be off the ground. I used scrap book paper to decorate it. I will post pics later because I haven't taken them yet. Lol.

If you're looking for a small, affectionate creature that just wants to be with you, this animal is for you. I will also update my experiences with ZuZu, will post pics, and upload videos on youtube. I will attach links in later posts.

I hope everyone is doing well and that the start to summer (though not technically summer til June 21), is blessed!

~Brooke-Lauren Montgomery