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I'm a Texan, born and raised. I love my God and my family (friends included as family!) My first novel was realeased December 23, 2014 and I've since finished writing my second manuscript and have begun my third. Being a successful writer has been a dream of mine for years, since I was little. I can't wait to see where God takes my first book and my future ones. I pray that it touches many hearts. For those of you who love suspense novels, good vs. evil, you may be interested!

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Wow, I'm amazed at how fast I got my edits back! Now I must reread through the whole manuscript one more time. Hopefully, God willing, this will be THE copy I sign the approval form on! I'll definitely keep you posted. I should have the proof sent back by tomorrow. YAY!!!! God is good!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sixth Edits Sent!

Last night I stayed up until 12:40 am or so to finish correcting my sixth set of edits. I hit send and now I'm waiting on the last and final proof before I sign the approval form to have my manuscript sent to the printers! It's so close to being done! Once I sign the approval form, they'll also send me another ARC (Advanced Reader's Copy) aka a Galley which is a copy/proof of the novel in hard copy. What they send me will be exactly what the readers will read.

As for my other manuscript in the works, it's still approximately halfway finished and will probably stay that way until I graduate in December. I don't like to start working on it then have to stop so I'll just wait until I can sit and type for a long period of time. Plus every time I have to stop for a couple months or more due to school, I have to back through and reread my whole manuscript because I forget how to be inside the character's mind, if that makes sense.

For those who love horror/suspense, the one I'm currently working on is for you. As for The Protected: The Unseen Realm, which is set to release in September, if you like Christian suspense/spiritual warfare, you'll love this book! 

Thanks for checking up on my updates!

Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!



Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Got Back My Fifth Set of Edits!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness, guys!!! I'm so beyond excited right now! I just got back my fifth set of edits to correct and they came back sooner than I expected! *SQUEAAAAL* 

I'm starting on them right after I post this blog and hope to have them returned to them by tomorrow afternoon! 

Annnnnd the printing stage is soooo almost here!!! Whoop whoop!!!

I'll be keeping ya updated!!!! 

God is SO good!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Protected update!

I just submitted my fifth set of edits yesterday to have them corrected. I should be receiving them back no later than August 21st. If I get them back on that date, it will push my book release further down the calendar. I had been guessing late August for the release but now I'm thinking mid September. :( 

Bummer, but, I know it will be worth it! :) I look forward to posting the actual release date soon! 

I hope everyone has a blessed day!!!


Monday, August 4, 2014

I Am Not A Serial Killer~Must Read by Dan Wells

I just finished reading this novel by Dan Wells a couple nights ago. It was a great read! If you like the novels about fighting evil and overcoming the inner monster, you'll LOVE this book. Dan Wells has several comedic relief spots that made me chuckle out loud. 
The plot revolves around a teenage boy who struggles with himself. He's a sociopath who doesn't want to be the monster that aches to burst out. He's faced with a dilemma when he witnesses a serial killer kill innocent people one after the other and must find a way to stop him before more people die. John Cleaver, the main character, wrestles within himself in order to find himself. This is a page turner and hard to put down.

This book kind of reminds me of the tv show Dexter and, if I'm correct, I believe the tv show is based off books? 

They both relate in that the protagonists have the overwhelming urge to kill but look for other ways to satisfy that hunger where innocent lives aren't taken. 

Also, I believe there is a series based off Dan Wells' I Am Not A Serial Killer. They're called the John Cleaver Books. I've only read this one so far but plan to read the others.

I was pleasantly surprised that this novel had such little profanity. I could count on one hand the amount of light profanity that was used. Mostly, the author used 'dangit' and 'for goodness sake' instead of the other. So, for those who don't care for profanity this one is great. However, there are a few that weren't substituted for slang, but no f words or the s word. 

This is a fictional plot. It didn't really happen.

If you're interested in reading the plot itself or purchasing the book, the link is provided below: